Salisbury Studios offers the following services:

Professional High-Quality Stills Photography: Our photographers utilise the highest quality digital equipment to ensure the finest products. With over sixty years experience our photographers are equipped to take on any projects including portraits, commercials and advertising, food, beauty, décor, architecture, products, aerial and travel photography.

Photographic Post-production Services: Salisbury Studios also offers award-winning digital post-production services executed on high-end operating systems. The services include image processing and editing, colour corrections, image manipulations, and image retouching. All images are delivered to clients print ready.

Vehicle Motion Rig: Our Vehicle Motion Rig with six meter extension easily mounts onto any make or shape of vehicle. The strong and lightweight body ensures excellent camera stability for pin-sharp images.

Zip Tower: The three-levelled Zip Tower is easy to assemble, safe and stable, and offers up to six meters of elevation.

Marine Catamaran: “Leatherback” is 6.2m catamaran equipped with two quiet sixty horsepower outboard motors. It has low gunwales for waterline angles and a three meter tall conning tower for higher views allowing greater diversity in camera positioning.